Geometry of Chaos


The subject of study of this series is the concept of the unit and the interactive relations that are developed through its multiplication. These images reflect primary structures as maquettes of a microcosm / macrocosm. The use of nail was an instinctive choice due to the emotional charge it carries, the inherent contradiction of its form and its cold materiality. Through the process of multiplication the unit loses its autonomy and becomes part of a new whole which is governed by its own rules.

The new resulting mass has different characteristics from the sum of its parts, the chaotic world of infinite units is self-organized forming patterns that come into view within the random array seeming definitive and premeditated, becoming representative of each artwork. Although the depicted object is the same throughout the series by changing only the structure of the way it is organized the resulting image is different each time. Along with the quantitative change there is also a qualitative change that is occurring simultaneously, this accumulation gives characteristics of organic matter, it’s this organic aspect that allows the interpretation of the project from various points of view.